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Price List for General Dentistry and Emergency Dentistry in Kettering

Our Fees at Venture Dental Practice

We aim to provide high quality, private treatment at transparent and fair prices. We believe that good quality dental care should be available to everyone, and we aim to achieve this with our affordable fees and competitive prices.

We also offer Membership Plans.
Members can save £54.12 per year on regular care and much more when treatment required. 

Please contact us or call us at 01536 680049 for more information. 

We also offer finance option for our patients.

You now have an option to split the cost of your treatment over 3,6,10 or 12 months with 0% APR. 
Please click on the link below to see if you're eligible. 

Venture Dental Practice's Finance Option




Price List

Emergency Appointment £55 
(Includes 1 x-ray) 


Routine Examination £34 (Non-Member's Fee)
Routine Examination Free (Included in the membership)
Child's Routine Examination 
Please look below for Children's Price List (Non-member's Fee)
Child's Routine Examination Free
(One child per Adult Member can claim 2 x free examinations a year)
X-Ray     £10 (Members receive up to 2 x free x-rays a year)


Private Treatments

Members receive 10% off treatments & 5% off clear braces

Prices are From*

White Filling  £105*
Crowns - 
E-max £650*
Inlays  £520*
Bridges  £1,300 (2 unit Bridge)
Each Additional Bridge Unit £650*
Veneer  £650*
Composite Bonding £250* per tooth
Post £95*
GI filling £70
Crown Re-cement £70 

Dentures (per Upper or Lower Arch) - 
Chrome Denture
Flexi Denture  £799*
Acrylic Denture (Full) £620*
Acrylic Denture (Partial) £450-£600*
Immediate Denture (Full) £550*
Immediate Denture (Partial) £380*
Denture Re-line £120*

Acrylic Denture Additions -
1-3 teeth £350
4-8 teeth £375
9-14 teeth £400

Extraction  £99*
Surgical Extraction £150*
Wisdom Tooth Extraction £180*
Extirpation £65*

Sports/Nightguard  £130*

Teeth Whitening (Boutique) £399*
Teeth Whitening (Colgate) £199*

Root Canal Treatment:
Pre-molars £450*
Molars  £500*

Clear Braces Teeth Straightening – 1 Arch  £2,500*
Clear Braces Teeth Straightening – 2 Arches  £4,500*


Hygiene Services

Members receive 2 x Free Hygiene Appointments a year

Prices are From*

Hygiene Appointment (Scale & Polish) £65*
Hygiene Deep Clean Appointment  £85*
Hygiene Appointment & Airflow £99*
Hygiene Direct Access £80*


Children's Price List

Emergency Appointment £55 
(Includes 1 x-ray

Routine Examination (0-6 years old) £5
Routine Examination (7-11 years old) £15
Routine Examination (12-17 years old) £20
Fluoride Varnish £5
X-ray (each) £10

Children's Private Treatments

Prices are from*

White Filling (Baby Teeth) £70
White Filling (Adult Teeth) £105
Fissure Sealant £50
Extraction of Baby Teeth £60
Extraction of Adult Teeth £99
Surgical Extraction £150
Sports/Nightguard £130

Direct Access Hygiene Appointment £80
20 minute Hygiene Appointment £65






















If you are looking for fillings, general dentistry and emergency dentistry in Kettering, Burton Latimer and Barton Seagrave, please get in touch to book an appointment with Venture Dental Practice.

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